Halo, Apa kabar? (Hello, How Are You?)

10 Feb

Hello, how are you?

i made a new resolution in  2012 that i should be able to write my book review in english. so this is the first step that i take. making my own blog!

for your information, i’m able to read books or understand any general conversation in english. But, when it comes to writing and ummm… speaking, i’ve got writer’s block! LOL…!

seriously, when i tried to write anything in english my mind became blank. when i wrote something i always thought “am i using the right tenses” or “can people understand what i’m saying”. and in the end i lose the courage to tried.

right now i’m taking my first step to achieve my resolution. by publishing this posting! i don’t care if i use the wrong tenses or words, i”ll learn along the way.

So, this is my first posting. and i really hope you can understand what i try to say 🙂


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Posted by on February 10, 2012 in curhat


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